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Elva Gümnaasium is located in the south of Estonia, in a small town named Elva. There are 773 students from 1st to 12th grade and also pre-school. Elva prides itself on wonderful nature, even our school motto says: "Elvas on lood(t)ust!" / "In Elva there is nature/hope!" Our school logo is a green pine tree, which symbolises growth, aspiration, strength and love for nature, it can't be more fitting, since there are lots of pine trees in Elva!

Our students love sport, nature, music, arts and languages. The atmosphere in the school is warm, welcoming and supportive. We love taking part in projects, olympiades, competitions and meeting new friends. As a teacher, I value supportive class which works as a team to accomplish their dreams and helps each other whenever there is a struggle.

5 students from Elva, who are already extremely excited to meet up with others in Lithuania, are sixth-graders, 3 girls and 2 boys. Hanna likes languages and sports, she's very good at tennis and track sports. Janely has wonderful eye for design, she's also good at singing and sports. Kadi-Liis devotes herself to sport, often representing our school in various competitions, she also likes languages, animals and music. Rasmus can draw funny comics, he's good at biking and trampolene jumps. And last, but not least - Ron is good at languages, but spends most of his time performing  daredevil bmx stunts.

This is our brief introduction, see you soon in Lithuania!

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Elva Gümnaasium
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