Thursday, July 16, 2015


Hello, dear friends and language enthusiasts,
I am Miks, teacher of English from Jelgava region Šķibe primary school. It is located ca. 20 km from my hometown Jelgava and some 65 km from Riga, the capital of Latvia. We are a small school of about 200 students from grades 1 to 9, but we are very competetive, creative and fun. Although we are a very small school, we are 125 years old, which makes us one of the oldest and richest with traditions schools in the region.

We love sports, music, films, and we participate as much as we can into social events by cleaning up our closest territoties, looking after our school, helping others, etc.

Our soon-to-be seventh-graders Loreta, Janeks and Sabīne are very energetic young learners, who understand the value of foreign language knowledge. In the previous school year they even held their own news broadcast and really showed the native reporters how it’s done.

Lelde and Amanda are two lovely, artistic girls, who love dancing and singing, and even outside the class very often prefer to speak English and address their English teachers only in English.

We are all very impatient to meet our new friends, and hope to have the best summer experience!

This is our school's website:
We are still working on the English version though.

See you very, very soon,
Miks Kapsis, Šķibe primary school

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