Friday, July 31, 2015




Hello Dear colleagues and participants of the Tolerance Camp 2015 in Dvarčėnai Lithuania.
I am Rasa Midverienė, a teacher from Turgeliai Aistuvos Gymnasium. I and my five students Ieva, Marija, Anastasija, Laura and Deivid are looking forward to meeting you all - tutors and new friends - at the camp. 

Our Gymnasium is located in the Turgeliai village, Šalčininkai district, 30 kilometres from Vilnius. It is a small and cosy school with 187 students and 24 teachers.  
Our school was established in 1992 as a Secondary School and in February 2015 became a Gymnasium. Our Gymnasium's name is Aistuva. This is an ancient Lithuanian word which was used in the sources about the ancient Baltic religion. The word has a very nice meaning - Aistuva is a huge country where you can walk nine times in three days and nights through the evergreen forests and will not reach the edge. Here you can find rippled lakes and thoughtful rivers, green fields and glowing cereals, looming mounds and hospitable castles. Move closer, knock on the door, do not be afraid, you will be accepted with joy. This land does not know bad people.

We are a small and friendly community - we celebrate together, we dance together, we learn in a creative and joyful way. 

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