Sunday, August 2, 2015

Day 1 - Arrival at the Tolerance Camp. Camp Rules.

On August 2, 2015, six teams of campers and their tutors arrived at the Baltic States "Teaching Tolerance Through English" Camp 2015 Lithuania. The Latvians spent six hours and the Estonians - some twelve hours on the road. The camp at Dvarčėnų Dvaras, Alytus region, is really beautiful, and we feel that the long journey was definitely worth it.

We began the day with different introductory and team building activities, and the tutors were very happy to see how the children were having lots of fun making new friends. Through the "speed dating" game the kids and the tutors could find out some interesting things about each other and were pleasantly surprised to see how much they had in common.

The campers wrote sentences about themselves in the shape of the first letter of their names and they gave adjectives to themselves beginning with the same letter as their names. We still remember Intelligent Ilja, Random Ron, Realistic Rasmus, Just Janeks and many others.
At the camp, the campers opened their own "Post Office" with a Friendship Line of beautifully decorated envelopes in the hope that they will grow thick with heartfelt messages from friends by the end of the camp. You can see how this looks like in the pictures.

Then, the tutors introduced some other activities necessary for the camp life to be organized, so together -- the children and the tutors --  made up and wrote on the roll paper the camp rules which we will all have to follow.

In the evening, before bedtime, we had short interviews and made sure that everybody's happy and comfortable, and eager to learn.
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We' ll be giving you more stories about our daily life soon! See you!

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