Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Day 3 (2) - True volunteers.

The session began with a talk about the lonely elderly woman whom the guest Jelena told  about to the kids. The kids volunteered to write letters to that person in the hope that she would feel happier knowing that there are people who care and wish her all the best.
Then, the kids set to make loombands for the camp's staff. They made really beautiful wristbands so that the people taking care of them would feel appreciated and receive love in return. While they were making these gifts, they could also watch a film about friendship and adventure called "A Bridge to Terabithia."


In the very evening, Thomas and Ignas introduced them to some traditional campfire dances and songs, which the students performed with a lot of enthusiasm. Lithuanians and Latvians even had several song competitions!

This has been a long but very interesting day, and the children have learned a lot!

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