Sunday, August 9, 2015

Day 6 (2) - Teamwork: together we can do so much.

The evening of Day 6 was all about teamwork: three team games gave the campers an opportunity to demonstrate their teamwork skills and see what makes a successful team.

In the game "Stranded on a Deserted Island", the campers had to choose their team members, decide on just a few things that they could take with them from the "crashed plane" and think of a plan of actions to survive. The campers had to show not only lots of knowledge necessary for survival, but also good communication skills, patience, respect and care for their team members.

Then, the campers had a creative team task to build a Tolerance Tower. The teams could only use newspapers and sticky tape. The children were encouraged to build their tower as tall as possible. The teams proved to be highly creative and very competitive. They each chose a different strategy of making the constructions and showed that - as a team - they can really achieve impressive results.


The last game was probably the most appreciated by the campers :) "A Wet Towel" team game was played by the lake. Speed, cooperation and comitment won!

So sorry that the camp is ending! But the campers have made so many great friends and they are going to take such fond memories home!

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