Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Day 3 (1) - Our community values.

Day 3 began with beautiful weather which continues to spoil both the children and the tutors.
The morning gymnastics was fun, and our volunteers Ignas and Thomas helped everyone wake up in a really effective way.

Today the kids were invited to focus on the community values, such as friendship, trust, honesty, care. The morning session consisted of several activities, which were all new to the campers, who admitted never having done them before. First, we summed up the last two days' new vocabulary and wrote the newly learned words on our Camp Word Lane!


Some other activities encouraged the kids to learn proverbs about friends and friendship and to discuss what good and bad friends are.


Afterwards, the children had an activity in which they had to use their imagination to guess from the sound what the given video was about. The children made different guesses which you can see in the pictures below! It's wonderful when you think about how inventive and original the kids are and what great stories they can come up with. The video was actually about tolerance and friendship, and the surprize did its "work" - tolerance and friendship naturally became the key topic of the day.

This is the original video.

In the afternoon session, the kids met our USG alumna guest Jelena Grigorjeva, who told us a lot about volunteering. The kids first tried to explain what volunteering is in their own words, they shared their volunteer experience and tried to think of the benefits of volunteering and the feelings that volunteers have and create in the hearts of others.
Next, the children had a very interesting practical activity - they were offered the chance to try out the Japanese traditional paper-folding activity - origami. The campers, under the supervision and guidance of our wonderful guest, made origami for the people in a real hospital in Lithuania, and in this way became REAL VOLUNTEERS! 

Now we have a break until the evening session, and a football match between the tutors/volunteers and the kids is going to take place! A lot of fun guaranteed!

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