Sunday, August 9, 2015

Day 6 (1) - Learning the importance of tolerance in professional work.

Day 6 implies that the Baltic States "Teaching Tolerance through English" Camp is coming to an end.  The children feel sad - tomorrow they will have to say goodbye to their new friends, but the fun does not stop and they are still learning new things.

In the morning, the children focused on the international organiztations - EU, NATO, UNESCO, Red Cross and UNICEF - learning about their aims, principles of work and a variety of activities. Acting as members of the organization, they designed posters which showed how they understood the mission of the organizations.



In the afternoon, the children had guests at the camp. First, they met with the USG alumnus Andrew Mikšys, a photographer, who introduced them to the art of photography. Andrew shared his experience and his motivation to become a photographer and demonstrated his impressive works of Romani people. The children were very interested in Andrew's life and profession, and the guest himself was enthusiastic about answering all the children's questions. The kids learnt how important tolerance is in Andrew's work as people do not always react positively to a camera directed at them. To make a good picture of a person, a photographer has to be deeply sensitive, understanding and respectful.

Then, the kids were invited to learn more about  the communication skills in the work of journalists. The USG alumni Živilė Kropaitė and Vaidas Saldžiūnas, radio and print journalists, shared their professional experience and taught the campers how to begin, keep up, control and end a conversation politely. The children were presented with the opportunity to be journalists "on the street" and interview people about what tolerance is and how they see tolerance in their society.


Day 6 was rich with dear guests. The campers were happy to greet and talk to Sarah Talalay, the Cultural Atttache of the Embassy of the United States in Vilnius. The warmly special ceremony of awarding the Certificates of the successful participation at the Tolerance Camp was  joyfully rounded up by taking a group picture on the Lake Suvingis.


Yet, that did not mean the end of the Camp :-)

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