Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Day 7 - We had a great time, let's keep in touch.

Day 7 began differently in comparison to the other days - the children were allowed to sleep in, and the morning gymnastics slot was empty. The night before was spent with the friends and tutors by the campfire. The morning looked like a childhood's dream, but the sense of the inevitably and rapidly approaching farewell was in the air.

The morning activities were as exciting as ever and brought smiles to the children's faces. For the last time at the camp, the children discussed the meaning of tolerance and what new values this word  has brought to them. It was good to see that the Camp Tree had blossomed, the Word Lane had built up long across the hall, and the envelopes on the Friendship Line had grown thick with letters full of kind words and best wishes.


The kids shared words of love and kindness by playing the compliments game - writing short messages to each other on a sheet of paper taped on their back. Later on the kids had to guess which sheet belongs to whom. Slightly confused, yet satisfied, the children read the wishes and compliments of their friends - all were pleased and happy!

Finally, five Best Campers were elected in the following categories: the most friendly, the most helpful, the best skills of English, the best sense of humor, and the most active swimmer :-). The elected favourites were presented with prizes of the Embassy of the United States, Vilnius Lithuania.

A group photo was followed by an emotional farewell, with lots of hugs and some tears... We have become great friends with shared experience, ideas and values. This morning's sadness was just a teardrop in the sea of joy of the future when we meet again :-)

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