Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Day 4 (2) - Exploring the surroundings. Treasures of Merkinė.

Tis afternoon we had a very emotional moment - Ignas, one of our tutor assistants and volunteers, had to leave the camp due to personal reasons, and we were very sorry to see him go. We wished Ignas good luck and promised to keep in touch to let him know how things would go at the camp. Bye-bye, Ignas, we'll miss you :) 

In the afternoon, we went to Merkinė. Merkinė is located on four rivers - Merkys, Nemunas, Strauja and Stangė. We could admire the breathtaking views from the observation tower (25 meters high!) overlooking the junctions of the rivers. Merkinė is famous not only for its spectacular nature, it is also an important historical place. We participated in the photo treasure hunt, and by taking pictures of the "treasures" we learnt some important facts of the history of Lithuania.

In the evening session, the students presented their treasures from the Photo Treasure Hunt and voted for the best picture, which was not easy to do as all the pictures were beautiful and meaningful.

This has been another wonderful day, and we can't wait for tomorrow!

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