Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Day 4 (1) - We love nature :)

It's day 4 already! Time really flies at Dvarčėnų dvaras! The children are having a good time, and this morning began with the traditional morning gymnastics, and Ignas and Thomas showed the children some interesting energizing games and even taught them a bit of Spanish, believe it or not!

We began our morning session with discussing our Camp Tree! We found a number of questions which we could answer and make our tree look richer and more colourful. Then, the kids focused on the topic of the day - "Our Planet: we love nature" - and came up with new questions which will hopefully be answered soon! Some of the questions are quite humorous, and it's good to see the children are in high spirits.


So, the morning session was dedicated to our planet - recycling, reusing resources, preserving nature and sorting out waste.
The children were taught some new vocabulary related to these topics, they watched videos about pollution and its effects, and, afterwards, they had a task to sort out the rubish. The children were very focused and learnt what pollutes nature most, what people and each of them, even being a kid, can do to protect nature, and what a great value is a clean environment.

Now we're going for the morning "swimming session" and then - off to Merkinė on a tour!

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